Squash and Stretch Deformer

The Squash & Stretch Deformer.

The ball on the left is just falling normally, the ball on the right has a squash a stretch deformer applied.

Squash and Stretch Example

If you’ve ever done any kind of animation you should know about squash and stretch.  It can really add some life to an ordinarily boring object. Basically if you had a bouncing ball you have it stretch as it falls and squash as it hits the ground to really give it some life.

The Squash and Stretch Deformer is pretty easy to use, here is how it’s set up.

Squash and Stretch Deformer Set up

After you put the deformer underneath your object you might have gone into the attribute manager and started moving the sliders around to see what happens. Unless you move the “Factor” slider, nothing is going happen. Factor is going to let you control how much your object is squashing and stretching.

What you’re going to want to do is move the “Top” and “Bottom” properties to the top and bottom of the sphere like so:

Squash & Stretch Top and Bottom Properties



Top – Sets the upper range of the effect.
Center – The center of the object, 0% is right in between the top and bottom values.
Bottom – Sets the lower range of the effect.
Aspect – This slider changes the strength of the deformer in the X and Y axis.
Factor – This is the setting to change to make your object actually squash and stretch. This would be the property to animate.
Expand – The higher you set this the more narrow and object will stretch or widen when squashed
Smooth Start – Smoothes the start of the shape change
Smooth End – Smoothes the end of the shape change
Curvature – Changes the curve of the deformation
Type –  This can be changed if you want to set a different shape to your deformation.

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