Shatter Deformer

The Shatter Deformer.

Shatter Deformer Example


The Shatter Deformer, like some of the other deformers, might not be as customizable as you would hope that it would be.  Although depending on what you’re trying to accomplish this could be just what you need.
Here is how you set up the Shatter Deformer:

Shatter Deformer - Attribute Editor

This deformer is very easy to set up and use, there really isn’t much to set up, here is what you have to do:  After you drop the Shatter Deformer underneath the object you want to break, move the Shatter Deformer to where the floor is. So when you have it selected wherever you place the center point (no need to change the axis point, just move the whole object) is where all of the shattered pieces will fall.

The Shatter Deformer will shatter your object based on the polygons, so if you have a cube that you split into a bunch perfectly square segments it will split in perfect square pieces, If you triangulate it will split into triangles, and if you take the knife tool and slice it up it will split based on what cuts you’ve made.

That’s really all there is to this deformer,  not a whole lot to set up but if you use a little creativity or use this in conjunction with other deformers you can get some pretty interesting results.


This Deformer is very simple to use and understand, there are only four different options.

Strength – How much your object is shattered. This is the option that you would keyframe to shatter your object.
Angle Speed – The angle in which each individual polygon will rotate while shattering.
End Size – How large the particles are when fully shattered (Strength at 100%)  1 would mean the polygons stay the same size the whole time, 0 means the polygons would disappear by the end.
Randomness – Sets a little randomness to the individual polygons speed.


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    Hey, I was trying this out and evetnrhiyg worked fine up untill the point where I added the metaballs. This is only the second or third time using metaballs for me and I might have forgotten some important step, but I can’t find it, been trying for like 30 mins now.Right when I add the metaballs, the spheres dissapear. The only thing I did different is I added a gravity instead of wind, and animated the gravity (in sphere shape) to throw around the particles. I also have alot more particles. Any ideas?