Mailbag #1 Rendering Two C4D Files at the Same Time?

Mailbag! Every now and again I’ll get some really odd questions emailed to me. In these emails I’m asked how to do things that aren’t always the most efficient or stable things to do, but at the same time they are kind of interesting to figure out and know.

I was asked recently if it was possible to render two Cinema 4D scene files at the same exact time – Now I’d NEVER recommend that you actually use this at work or if you are trying to get something rendered out for a big deadline, but if you’re curious as to if it’s possible or you like to throw caution to the wind and do what you want, watch the video below.


What you should be doing.


As I said above, this isn’t the most efficient way to render things out of C4D. I actually rendered a few things at the same time last night just because I was curious how much longer it would take to complete, when I woke up in the morning to check on it Cinema 4D crashed on me. So again, please, don’t really render things like this.

I would suggest a few other options:

First – just put your separate C4D scene files into the render queue and let Cinema go through them one by one. I’ll usually go this route if I have a few different scene files that I need to get rendered out.
Second – you can just do a Shift + R and render straight to the picture viewer. If you’re wanting to do multiple scenes however you’ll have to just wait until the first is done then go into you’re new scene to start that one yourself.
Third – if you have access to one – just put those scene files onto NET Render and let it crank through those things.

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  • z

    none of your references to Vimeo videos never work for me. It would help if you post typical url addresses for us to find the page to watch your Vimeo files. What i see from your emails does not make sense for me to find their location so I can watch them.

    • Glen Faught

      What browser are you using? I’ll also make sure to add a link directly to the vimeo video for easy reference as well.

      • z

        I am using the latest Firefox on Windows 7 with all the updates. I did somehow get to your website and the video was there and playable. So, you are probably right that Firefox is somehow not displaying or opening the Vimeo video player. Thanx for understanding and changing the display in your emails to me. I also use yjao email which might have something to do with it , too.

        • AJ

          Videos not playing well is the sole reason I left Firefox. I’m on Chrome now and never have problems playing video. Just FYI.