C4D Quick Tip – Installing Plugins on a Mac or a PC

In this tutorial we show you just how easy it is to install all of those cool plugins that you download for Cinema 4D. We show you how to do this on both a Windows PC and a Mac. The process is pretty much exactly the same on either, but just in case you don’t believe me you can watch it for both sides.

If you’re on a Mac just go to Applications > Maxon > Cinema 4D (version whatever) > plugins and then drop the CV-ArtSmart file that you downloaded right in there.  A quick way to navigate there is to just right click on the C4D icon in your dashboard and click Options > Show in Finder – it will bring you right to the Cinema 4D folder.

Installing Plugins Location - Digital Sandwich


On a PC it is just as simple, just navigate to your Cinema 4D folder and drop it right in the plugins folder. Just remember that if you already have C4D open that you’ll have to restart it before it will see it.

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  • Kaki

    Hi. Is there a way to tell which version of a particular plugin you are using? i tried Plugin manager but it doesn’t shows all the plugins that i have.

  • Jami Suzann Johns

    Yeah, no…that doesn’t work for me. :(
    Is there any other method?

  • Lucidfer

    Doesn’t work

  • D//ArtWorks

    when i try to put file to plugin folder a message appear that i cant make changes in this folder. so doesnt paste file in plugins folder..