Free C4D Preset – On/Off Switch

Our good friend and very talented artist AJ Haines has a preset that we wanted to share with you guys today. The On/Off switch.

On Off switch - hide objects in c4d

Have you ever needed to animate the visibility of some objects in your project? You’d have to go in and keyframe the visibility, it could get to be a hassel to keep track of. With this preset from AJ all you have to do is type in which frame to turn the visibility off and which frame you want to turn it back on. Easy.

Install: Just open the file, select the tag, and in Object Man­ager select File->Save Tag Pre­set. When you need it again select your object, then select File->Load Tag Preset->User->Tags->ON-OFF Switch. Done!

Start Vis­i­bil­ity: You guessed it! Sets the start vis­i­bil­ity of the object to On or Off

# of Switches: Sets the num­ber of switches you want active. If your switch is set to 2, only switches 1 and 2 will be active and the rest will be ignored.

Switch: These are the switches that will turn your object on or off at the frame you enter.

Link Objects: Here you can drag other objects or a null with a bunch of objects in and make them hidden/revealed on the same frames. This is use­ful if you’re chang­ing val­ues a lot, so you don’t have to go in to a bunch of these tags and change them all.

***Note: The default val­ues have the object stay on all the time, so noth­ing will hap­pen unless you set the num­ber of switches to 1 or higher. Set­ting the num­ber of switches to zero is a use­ful way to tem­porar­ily hide the object even if all of your switch frames are set.

You can download the preset right here.

Also, be sure to check out AJ’s website.

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  • stef

    pretty cool preset dudes
    another cool approach would have been to insert a user data to set how long (time/frame) the switch is currently active
    anyway thanx for sharing ;)