Free C4D Model: Football

It’s that time of year again, football season.  To kick off the season we’re offering you a free high quality football model that has been set up to be easily customizable, just swap out text or logos with whatever you want.

Click here to download this model


This model is free for you to do anything you want with, no limitations.  Leave a comment below with pictures or videos of how you’re using it, we would love to see what you guys come up with. This was modeled by our own Matt Pearson with the textures done by myself, Glen Faught.

This model is available as a .c4d file as well as a .fbx file.


 Free C4D Model - Football

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  • mark c

    Thanks so much for the model. One note, in the PSD the bump layer has the logos baked into it whether or not the logos are toggled on or off in RGB. Very easily painted over by control selecting the logo layers and doing a content-aware erase on the bump layer! May want to update files & repost. But thanks again!!

  • Alex Watson

    Any chance this model is still available?