Free C4D Model: Cherries!


The only thing people like more than cherries are free models. So why not have both?  Here is a FREE C4D Model of some Cherries for you! This model is free for you to do anything you want with, no limitations – aside from reselling.  If you have any questions of concerns, please let us know – Also feel free to leave a comment below with pictures or videos of how you’re using it, we would love to see what you guys come up with! This was modeled by the talented Matt Pearson with the materials done by myself, Glen Faught. Enjoy. This model is available as a .c4d file as well as a .fbx file.

Click here to download this file.


Free C4D Model: Cherries Wireframe

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  • Göran

    Well, what can I say?
    Another great C4D resource!

  • 商業影片

    Really good job. keep it up!

  • Rost

    thank you

  • Radovan Vucetic

    Serious Fraud is not possible to download free

    • GFaught

      Not true. For price add “$0”

  • iDani

    THX for the Cherry 3d model. Here is my picture. More on

    • GFaught

      Very cool! Thank you for sharing.