Free C4D Model: NBA Basketball Hoop

Free NBA Basketball Hoop Model Render


I was working on a project recently and needed an NBA basketball hoop. I didn’t have any other use for the model when I finished making it so I thought I might as well put it here for anyone in need. This is a fully modeled NBA basketball hoop (ball not included) with fully customizable texture maps for you to tweak to your hearts content.


What can I do with it?

I don’t care how you use this or what you use it for, the only thing that you can not do is sell this model as your own. That’s seriously not cool, I don’t know why people try doing that. This is free to everyone. If you see anyone selling this model, please let me know. Also – I’d love to see how you use this, shoot me a tweet with how you use it!



Below you will find the download link. I have this model up for free if you want it, go ahead and put a zero in the popup box. Otherwise, I’d certainly appreciate anything you would want to give.


Download as .c4d file


Download as .fbx file



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  • illegald

    Thanks for sharing – this is great for me as a basketball fan. I don´t want to nitpick here but the basket seems not to have the official height (10 ft = 3.05 m). May I ask why?

    • GFaught

      I really wish I had a better answer for you, but for what I used the model for when I built it, the height didn’t matter. I only used the backboard and hoop for what I was doing and I didn’t worry about the rest as much. I should’ve check it before uploading here, but it’s a free model so I guess you get what you pay for.

      • illegald

        Haha – so I want my money back ;) Great work though – finally a basket where I could dunk too ;)

        • GFaught

          Check is in the mail! finally another basketball fan though, I watch WAY to much NBA

  • Hairypolack

    Im in the middle of making a basket ball court! You saved he dozens of hours of work! You da man!

    • GFaught

      No problem man!

  • Hulkamaphone

    This is awesome! I’m making a basketball game and will help with prototyping the concept. thanks very much… oh and if I end up doing something awesome I’ll certainly let you know.

    • GFaught

      I’d love to see it!