AE Quick Tip – Force Crash and Save!

*This tutorial was written by Jason Hadley, check out his work!!*

We’ve all been there. After Effects just locked up and it’s been a while since you’ve saved.. It could be due to anything, from having too many particles for your RAM capacity, or due to AE just deciding that it’s having a bad day.

So what do we do when that happens? Well, normally we would just take the productivity hit and force quit the program. Bummer.

Well what if I could tell you that there’s another way!

Open two apps: Terminal and Activity Monitor.

In your activity monitor, look for the PID column for After Effects. It can be any number. Remember it.

In terminal, type “kill -SEGV (PID#)” where PID# is the number in the activity monitor, no parentheses.

It will force After Effects to quit but also to save a version where it froze.

Praise the almighty After Effects Alert box!

Also, If you’re worried you’ll blow up your computer by opening terminal, AEScripts has you covered.


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  • David Weihs

    Absolutely saved my butt! Thank you so much!!! I even contacted Adobe support and they said you are screwed.