Digital Concept Painting Techniques with J.B. Ortiz

The very talented artist and a good friend of mine Jose B. Ortiz has a new tutorial out where he shows the digital concept painting techniques that he uses in his work. He gives us a walkthrough of his concept painting process. He starts with a sketch and then lays in blocks of color, shape, and values to help build the volume of the character that he is working on. From there he works on figuring out where the light source is coming from and the texture of the character. Here is a description straight from Jose:

A quick tour of my Digital painting technique. Some of the things that I left out of the voice over: Gather as much reference that is relevant to your subject as you possibly can! One of the biggest mistakes, and a dead giveaway that your a student or just starting out, is painting without reference. Anything helps. Obviously there aren’t any 2 legged lizard guys wielding swords in the swamps, but if you can find ref that is of skin textures, an object or subject in a similar lighting scheme, etc. it goes a long way to helping you sell the piece. Study anatomy and light! After a while you’ll learn enough to “fake” it part of the way (still gather reference though).

Check out Jose’s blog for more information and to check out other work that he has done. As always, please leave any questions, comments, or critiques below.

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