Cinema 4D Plugin: Image2Plane

What is it?


He’s back with more! My good friend and incredible artist AJ Haines is back again with a brand new plugin for Cinema 4D, Image2Plane. Image2Plane is a very cool plugin that basically will allow you import hundreds of images or videos to their own image planes very easily. Here is a description of the plugin straight from his site:

Hey every­one, im here to bring you my lat­est plu­gin called Image2Plane. It lets you import a file or folder of files(as many as your com­puter or video card can han­dle) into Cin­ema 4D and puts the image/video(s) into a mate­r­ial and onto a plane resized to the size of the file. It’s pretty quick too, it will do around 300 files in 10–15 sec­onds.

Check out his overview video below to see a bunch of really cool uses and techniques that he shows off using Image2Plane.


Where to get it?


AJ is now selling this plugin with Joren over at you can buy it right here!

I’ve been using this plugin for about a week now and it’s already saved me a ton of time importing images, I highly recommend this plugin for anyone wanting to speed up their workflow. If you’re working with a lot of images I think this plugin is a must have.

Image2Plane works in Cinema 4D R13 and up for both Mac and PC.

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