Cinema 4D Deformers List – What do they all do?

Cinema 4D Deformers

You’ve all seen them, that big list of C4D Deformers.  Most of them are pretty self explanatory – Some of them you’ve probably seen but have never messed around with and some of them may do something you didn’t even know they could do.

A lot of this information you can find in the Cinema 4D help files – What we are trying to do here is to explain these in a simpler way to understand and to go a little more in depth than the help files do. We also want to show you how to set up each one of these and give you a few tips and tricks of what can be done with each of these deformers without you having to sit through a 20 minute tutorial of stuff you already know.  We are trying to keep these right to the point for easy reference.

Click on one of the deformers that you want to learn more about and we can show you how to set it up and what it can do!

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more! We plan on updating this a few times a week until we have every deformer covered.
If you have some really cool deformer tricks that we missed or ones that you know of please send us an email or leave a comment belowand we will add it to the list!

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  • Gary

    The Shrink Wrap, Wrap and the Spline Deformer are a few I wanted to know about. Especially the Spline Deformer for making facial rigs. Can you do a folow up with all the other deformers. Keep up the good work.

    • Glen Faught

      That is the plan, we are slowly working our way through all of the deformers. We will update with those shortly.

      • Maguin

        Awesome! Wanted to ask a quick lighting quoteisn too. One thing that still kind of confuses me with lights is falloff. I know the basics that inverse square is realistic, and inverse square clamped is realistic but easier to work with but what about the falloff distance. Is increasing this just the same as increasing the intensity of the light? Or is it more just stretching out the illumination from the light (so the actual light intensity at the lights centre point stays the same).In the real world the only control on falloff would be making a light brighter right?

  • ko

    Awesome but please update it. now many changes in C4D 18…