C4D Quick Tip – Useful Cinema 4D Hot keys

I think it’s safe to say that anyone here has touched Cinema 4D at least once, hell, maybe you’ve been a professional for years. There are so many hotkeys for these programs it’s impossible to know them all. Here we’ve compiled a list of useful Cinema 4D hotkeys that just might save you some time or headache in the future.

Useful Cinema 4D Hot Keys

  • “G” or “F” to move frame by frame.

  • “Shift” + “G” or “F” to jump to the beginning or end of the timeline.

  • “Spacebar” to switch between current tool and previous tool.

  • “O” to frame selected.

  • “H” Frame all.

  • “C” Make editable.

  • “Enter” while your mouse is over the viwer to toggle between Point mode, Edge mode, or Polygon mode.

  • “Ctrl” + “Tab” over any screen to bring it to fullscreen

  • “W” Change coordinate system between world and object

  • “Alt” +  “B” – Make Preview

  • “Control” (“Command” on Mac) + “Shift” + “Z” – Undo camera movements

  • “Q” to toggle the selected object’s HyperNURBS on and off

  • “L” to toggle Axis modification on and off

If you have a useful hotkey that you would like to see on this list, leave us a comment and we will make sure to add it.

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  • http://what-does-my-name-mean.org/name/dorte/ Dorte

    Having a brain drain:What’s the python method equivalent to ruby’s Array(1..n)?

    • http://www.muttsy.net/blog Matt Pearson

      I believe the same thing in Python would either be a Tuple or a List. The tuple uses () and is immutable and the List uses [] is mutable. More info in Pythons documentation…

  • http://www.jordanmontreuil.com Jordan Montreuil

    “L” to toggle axis mode for adjusting an object’s axis.

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  • http://www.google.com anon

    9 for Brush Selection and 0 for Rectangular selection

  • GhostSpider200

    I would like to know if there is away to center your view on an object in the scene… Like if your camera just freaks out and you lose you scene.

    • Ridwanokanlawon

      Pressing 0 (zero) would do just that if i’m not mistaken