C4D Quick Tip – Hide Objects by Type

Whenever you’re working on a scene your Object Manager can get pretty bulky/confusing and it get’s pretty hard to find certain objects.  The Object Manager has the search bar, which is very helpful, but what if you don’t know or remember the name of the object and want to search for it?  What you can do is poke that eyeball up there by the search icon.

C4D Quick Tip - Hide Objects by Type Eye

After you click it, the eyeball opens up and you are greeted by this screen:

C4D Quick Tip - Hide objects by Type - Eye Clicked

What we can do now is flip open one of these (Objects, Tags, Layers) and hide or show certain types of objects. Lets say that we take over a scene from someone else and there are lights all over the Object Manager named various things and we can’t for the life of us find the one we are looking for.  What we can do is flip open the “Objects” menu and hide everything but lights.

C4D Quick Tip - Hide objects by Type - How to Hide by type

So lets click on the eyeball for the “Light” and see what happens. Well, it just hid all of the light objects from the Object Manager… Not very helpful.  If you hold down “Ctrl” (Command on a Mac) and then click on the eyeball it will hide everything except for the one you clicked on.  So what this did was hide everything from your Object Manager except for the lights making them easy to find and tweak.  If you hold down “Alt” and then click on one of the eyeballs then it unhides everything except for the one you clicked on.

So here is a really quick and simple way to show and hide certain types of objects in your Object Manager,  in heavy scenes that you take over from a co-worker it can get pretty difficult to find certain things. This tip just might save you some frustration trying to find certain objects.

Extra Quick Tip:  You may be asking yourself what the magnifying glass does next to the eyeball, if you click it then it grays it out.  What that button does is it hides that certain object type from the search. So if we had a light named “Spline” and a Spline named “Spline” and just did a basic search they would both show up. If we were to click on the magnifying glass for Light objects then it hides all Light objects from the search no matter what they’re named.

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