Animating Ivy in C4D | Part 1

In this tutorial we show you how to set up the Ivy Grower plugin for Cinema 4D.  Ivy is really cool to work with in 3D but I don’t like seeing it just sitting there motionless, I wanted to see it move in the wind to give it that added realism that it usually lacks.  Check out the tutorial below to see how using the formula effector can do this for you in just a few simple steps. This Ivy Grower plugin has been around for awhile and is still really incredible, it is very quick and easy to use.

You can download the Ivy Grower Plugin right here.
This plugin is free to download brought to us by the incredibly talented Kuroyume, over at Kuroyume’s Development Zone.  Seriously, check out his site, there is a lot of cool plugins there free to download.

Part two of this tutorial covers animating the ivy growing over time. To view part two all you have to do is follow this link.

As always, leave any questions, comments, or critiques below.

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  • fox4you2012

    Hey! you did an awesome job–keep up the good work! Can wait for the part 2 tutorial—you are the man…:)

  • Jamal Dajani

    thanks alott

  • Tara

    Is there a Part 2 for this yet? I’m trying to animate growing ivy. Any suggestions?

    • Glen Faught

      Hey Tara, there isn’t a part 2 yet. I’m working on it right now – I can’t say when it will be ready just yet but hopefully very soon. It is very long overdue tutorial, sorry!

      EDIT:: Part two has finally been released, check it out!

  • Jack

    I downloaded and installed ivy grower for v12 or cinema. when i try to double click to create a source grow point, no point is created and therefore i cannot begin growing the ivy. i also noticed my display colors and leaf textures are not showing up. any ideas??? thanks

    • Glen Faught

      Hey Jack, that is an odd problem – The only thing I can think of is to make sure you that you have the object you want to set the grow point on selected. Other than that it could just be a problem with R12 (although I doubt that is it) I would suggest posting your problem on the Kuroyumes Development Zone support forum, they are pretty quick with a response. Hopefully they can help you out!

  • Mike Humphrey

    Hi, I’m using C4D R14 – and the Ivy Grower installs and loads correctly, but after I double click to create a source point and I click the ‘Grow Ivy’ button, nothing happens. It will say “Living Branches: 1” and stay that way, and nothing will appear. I noticed you were using R13 in your video – have you had any success using the plugin in R14 or R15?

    Any help/info would be great. Thanks!


    • GFaught

      Sorry Mike, I haven’t tried the plugin in R14 or R15. I would suggest posting on the Kuroyume’s Development Zone forum or emailing them directly and asking for help. There may be a workaround or another version of the plugin available? Here is a link to their forum:

  • George

    Hi, I followed a few tutorials yet I am struggling with 1 thing. I create a point and click ‘grow ivy’ and I get ‘living branches 1of1’ and nothing grows. Please help :-)