FFD Deformer

The FFD Deformer.

Here is how the FFD Deformer is set up:

FFD Deformer Set up

How easy was that? Just put it right underneath your object in the hierarchy.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to move the position of the FFD Deformer you cannot have it as a child of your object yet.

This Deformer is very easy to use, basically everything inside of the purple FFD hull will be deformed when you move it and anything outside of the hull will stay exactly where it is.  If you turn on Point Level animation you can also animate the FFD hull to, for example, animate dents or other shape changes.


Grid Size – Changes the size of the Deformer.
Grid Points – Add or subtract the number of points on the grid.

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  • Trev

    Thanks for the tips, these are nothing short of excellent and I THANK YOU!