Explosion Deformer

The Explosion Deformer.

Here is what the Explosion Deformer looks like in action with just the default set up.

Explosion Deformer Example - Digital Sandwich

Just like the others, the Explosion Deformer is really easy to set up. Here is how you do it:

The Explosion Deformer works by “exploding” out each individual polygon and rotating and scaling them over time.  It is another one of these Deformers that I, personally, don’t think are very good or useful.  If your going to explode something you can get way more out of the Explosion FX Deformer (which you can read more about later) or some of the many explosion plugin’s available for Cinema 4D (I would suggest checking out Nitro Blast or other Nitro4D plugins).  You can get some interesting results by not exploding your object but by just moving your polygons around, although if your going for that kind of a look I think you can get much more flexibility and a better result by using the PolyFX Effector.


Strength – This is how much your object is exploded.  0% is nothing and 100% is full exploded, as you could probably guess.
Speed – This option is how quickly the polygons move during the explosion.
Angle Speed – This sets the speed at which the polygons rotate while exploding.
End Size – This sets how much the polygons scale during the explosion. 1 is no change, 0 would make the polygons disappear, 2 will double the size of the polygons.
Randomness – This will add some randomness to the speed and angle of each polygon.

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