My name is Glen Faught, I am a motion designer / VFX artist living in Minneapolis, MN. I started my career out in Los Angeles, California working as a stereo compositor for feature films. I was able to work with some extremely talented artists, art directors, and visual effects supervisors. As a starting point, I found it invaluable to see the work ethic and techniques of such incredible people. I then moved to Minneapolis and started working as a motion graphics designer / VFX artist for Target Corp’s internal creative team, Target Creative. My favorite part of working for Target is the variety of work that comes across my desk each day, it can be anything from stadium graphics, broadcast work, online campaigns, print cleanup, social media videos, corporate videos – It seems like there is something new and fresh to work on every day.

Digital Sandwich started as a way to give back to a very active and friendly Cinema 4D community that I have learned so much from. The feedback that I’ve gotten from the site has been very positive, it is a very rewarding experience to give back even in just a little way. If one person can learn something new or save some time from on of the tutorials or models, it makes me very happy.

By night, I moonlight as freelance motion designer, time-lapse photographer, visual effect artist and videographer. You can check out more of my work over on my website gfaught.com If you think that there is something that I can help you with, I would love to discuss it further, feel free to contact me!

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